The local authority flexible eligibility (LA Flex) scheme is an extension of the ECO scheme eligibility to broaden the scope of those who can apply for the funding available. Councils are given the power to extend the eligibility based on certain factors in order to include those who are not in receipt of benefits. Both homeowners and those who privately rent may be eligible, although social housing tenants are unfortunately not.

We are working with following local authorities,

  1. Ashfield
  2. Basingstoke and Deane Council
  3. Bath and North East Somerset
  4. Birmingham
  5. Buckinghamshire Council
  6. Cherwell District Council
  7. Coventry
  8. Derbyshire
    1. Amber Valley Borough Council
    2. Bolsover District Council
    3. Chesterfield Borough Council
    4. Derbyshire Dales District Council
    5. Erewash Borough Council
    6. High Peak Borough Council
    7. North East Derbyshire District Council
    8. South Derbyshire District Council
  9. Bristol City Council
  10. Dacorum Council
  11. Derby
  12. Dudley
  13. London Borough of Ealing Council
  14. Hammersmith & Fulham District Council
  15. Herefordshire
  16. Leicester
  17. Central & Southern Lincolnshire
  18. East Lincolnshire
  19. Luton
  20. Hertsmere Borough Council
  21. North Northants Council
  22. North Somerset Council
  23. Nottingham City Council
  24. Mendip District Council
  25. Mid-Devon Council
  26. Peterborough
  27. Sedgemoor District Council
  28. Sheffield
  29. Shropshire
  30. Somerset West and Taunton District Council
  31. South Somerset District Council
  32. Stoke-On-Trent (starting in few weeks)
  33. St Albans City and District Council
  34. Swindon Borough Council
  35. Telford & Wrekin Council
  36. Three Rivers District Council
  37. South Tyneside
  38. Vale of Whitehorse District Council
  39. Watford Borough Council
  40. Welwyn Hatfield BC
  41. West Northants Council
  42. West Oxfordshire District Council
  43. Wiltshire Council
  44. Winchester
  45. Wolverhampton
  46. Oxford City Council

Application and Evidence

To make an applicaton for ECO4 Flex you must complete and sign an application form, submit it through installer to the council along with supporting documents, such as proof of income, for determining eligibility, residents cannot send the application form directly to the council.

Your local council may take 1 to 3 weeks to approve the application, make sure all the required evidence has been submitted. Local council may ask you for additional proof or documents to process your application. Application made with incomplete paperwork or required evidence will be refused.

Make an application using one of these 3 routes

  1. Route 1: Household income
  2. Route 2: Proxy targeting
  3. Route 3: NHS referrals

What measures can be installed

Following measures may be installed to your house subject to Retrofit survey and other T&Cs apply
  1. First time central heating (FTCH) for those without a current heating system
  2. Insulation (Loft/Cavity Wall/External Wall/Internal Wall)
  3. Non Condensing Boiler replacement

As well as these measures often coming at no cost there are many other benefits for having them installed at your home, which include:
  1. Helping to lower CO2 emissions and therefore helping the environment
  2. Lowering the cost of energy bills
  3. Problems such as mould, humidity and draughts will no longer be an issue
  4. Adding value to the property